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                    BackWeb (16-Bit)
                    Castanet Tuner
                    Cli-Mate v1.6.2
                    Desktop News v3.0

                    InfoScout v2.0
                    InfoTray v1.08
                    Medved Quote Tracker v2.0.6a
                    NetProphet v0.6beta

                    NetStock (32-Bit) v1.52
                    NewsWatch v1.0
Personal Stock Monitor Gold v5.0.5
     QuotesNow! v2.75
     Quote Ticker Bar v6.1
     StockExchange32 v2.0
     Stock Tick v6.0

StockVue 2001 v4.2
     Tray Temperature v4.0
     WeatherCaster Gold v2.0
     Weather Tracker v3.0.6
     Weather Xpress2000 v2.1.6

     WinWeather (32Bit) v3.0
     WorldFlash News Ticker vGold
     Worldflash Scroller
     My Yahoo!Ticker



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