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The reason FreewebCentral has become one of the most popular internet sites:

     FreewebCentral is the largest, most comprehensive site for free information on the internet.  We have put endless "surfing"  to an end, by simply allowing you to access exactly what you are looking for of the best of the internet, within seconds.  Search engines often contain long lists of which many sites are no longer operational, and others are of extremely poor quality.  This sites structure has been designed around simplicity, allowing it to be free from the clutter that often plagues web sites by making them confusing and frustrating to use.  FreewebCentral has selected only the premier sites based on quality, thoroughness, appeal, and ease of use.  You will find just about any topic of interest, and the best part is that FreewebCentral is FREE.  There are NO sites unsuitable for children.

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How to use the FreewebCentral site:

     The Home Page (the first page you see when typing in the URL    OR contains the most frequently requested information on the internet.  In this way, you can access all of this on one single page.  Of special interest is the
Computer/ISP/Technical Support Directory, which FreewebCentral has compiled to provide you with just about every technical support, computer company, and Internet Service Provider (ISP) telephone number available; just one click away.  Near the top of the Home Page, you will find a FreewebCentral site search, which when clicked, will allow you to search this site for a particular topic or piece of information.  Located in the top right hand corner of every page is a drop-down-menu named "site locations," which allows you to easily and quickly find any topic area within the
FreewebCentral site.  You may click on the "Home" button or FreewebCentral name at the top of any page, to instantly return to the Home Page.

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**IMPORTANT**     How can you make FreewebCentral your Home Page?

     Thousands of people each day are changing their web browser's start-up  (home page) to
FreewebCentral.  This makes for the ultimate and practical approach of making the World Wide Web easy to use.   Like so many others, here's how to make your web browser begin with FreewebCentral:
     1)  Look at the titles across the top of your web browser (you may see "File  Edit   View.......")
     2)  Within one of these titles across the top of your web browser, choose
Internet Options, Preferences, General Preferences, or something like this.
     3)  From the displayed screen, find where it says "Home Page Address:," "Browser starts with," or something like this.
     4)  In the blank box provided, simply type in
     5)  Click on the OK button to make these changes take effect.
     6)  CONGRATULATIONS!  The next time you start your web browser,
FreewebCentral will be automatically displayed.

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How can you Bookmark a particular page (i.e.: FreewebCentral Home Page)?

                           1)   Hold down the Ctrl button on the keyboard, and at the same time, press the letter D.
                           2)   Congratulations!  If you now look in your Bookmarks, you will notice "FreewebCentral"
                           1)    At the top of your browser, locate "Bookmarks," "Favorites," or something like this.
                           2)    Select "Add Bookmark," "Add to Favorites," or something like this.
   Congratulations!  If you now look in your Bookmarks, you will notice "FreewebCentral"

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Contact us:

                                                              E-Mail:     click here

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